Sam Levenson once said that „people, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed”. We can extend this even further and say that the visage(skin), more than anything, needs to be cared, restored, revived, as it is our daily business card in the public eye. To make things easier for everyone, this article will explain which facial works best for your skin type, with an accent on dark skin colours.


Before taking a dive into the ocean of beauty, let’s first explain: facials are skin treatments, usually involving cleansing, tone, and moisturising – cleansing is used to refresh the skin by removing the dead skin; tonifying unblocks pores, ensuring a clean skin, while moisturising rehydrates and brightens skin areas. Applied under calming and relaxing massages combined with carefully chosen skin products, the whole treatment can last between 15, 30 and 60minutes and generate great improvement. For e.g., regular or electric machine generated treatments, which will be discussed later in the article. But before seeing significant results, it must be done several consistent times.


Yes. While some dark skin types show early positive results, others tend to be stubborn and delay in glowing. Today we will cover the stubborn skin types: dry, oily, combined/mixed, sensitive and mature.

Dry skin dehydrates faster as it lacks natural oils. Therefore the facial must include gentle exfoliation that stimulates blood circulation and smooths the outside skin layer. A hydrating mask with essential oils does the trick in keeping the skin relaxed after treatment.

Oily skin is the opposite of dry as it presents an extra quantum of oil in the skin layer. Combined with exterior and interior factors, it is one of the causes for acne and pore blockages. Ideally, use a facial with chemical exfoliant acid that can penetrate into the pores and remove any extras, followed by a deep cleanse. The result? A purified skin.

Mixed skin is usually a combination of the above, which as ideal as it may seem, is actually problematic in facials. Opt for facials with micro-dermabrasion exfoliants and hydrating masks, that first remove the excessive oil and then balance the skin’s (natural) PH, making it smooth and silky.

Sensitive skin types love enzyme exfoliation and natural organic facials, which prove to be very effective without any side effects, as long as chemicals and strong perfumes are left out of the beauty formula. For the mature skin type, it can be all the above, although the same facials that work on some skin types might not do justice to others. And then there are fine wrinkles that can start showing, so our advice is to use facials with vitamins (E, C, Ds, A etc.), minerals, antioxidants and collagen, to help improve elasticity and firmness.

The idea is to take constant care, no matter the skin type.


Both. Regulars are ideal for skin maintenance, if possible on a weekly basis, if not, at least every 4-6weeks. Electric machine facials are a different story. You can opt for micro-current facials which are ideal for mature skin types. This treatment involves micro currents that stimulate the collagen and elastin in skin layers, making it effective for all natural anti-aging facials. For advanced treatments, the galvanic facials are another great choice. These usually involve a pre-treatment and in-treatment phase for long-lasting results: at first, the Galvanic current makes his magic moves, then the gel and creams smooth and pamper the skin. It works great on advanced mature skin, in the fight against skin aging, stress and dullness.

Of course, there are two more electric-machine facials: high-frequency and vacuum suction. High-Frequency facials offer a 3-in-1 effect: stimulate, sanitize and heal. In the case of oily skin, it stimulates a drying effect that sanitizes the skin by killing bacteria and eliminating excess sebum, while for dry skin, it stimulates a warming effect that increases sebum activity and nourishes the skin. Vacuum suction facials work more on the skin’s circulatory system by improving blood flow and Lymph circulation, being of great help in treating dry skin and removing dead skin cells.

No matter what your choice is, it is highly important to create a skincare routine and stick to it on a weekly or by-monthly basis. Use electric-machine facials from time to time and go for regular facials whenever a chance may occur. Hopefully, this article made it clear which facial works best for your skin type and what it takes to shine on a daily basis.

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