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Priscilla’s Pride Spa & Skincare

Our Services & Treatments

Our treatments are designed by experts and administered by well-trained beauty therapists to improve the look and health of your skin and provide the care it needs. We use top-standard skincare products to get the maximum result.

For All Skin Types


Our facial treatments helps to cleanses the pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, rejuvenate and nourishes the skin on the faces, making skin appear healthier and younger. It also aid in treating common skin concerns. All facials begin with a consultation to know your skin type and deduct what products would give maximum results for your own.

Deep Cleansing Facials | This signature treatment is a quick facials to target all skin types with mild breakout. . This facial treatment comes without a massage.
45min ₦20,000

Skin Brightening Facials |Rejuvenate your skin and brighten the skin. Helps to strengthens your skin against free radical damage. while encouraging collagen production and is an excellent safe skin brightener.
60min ₦25,000

Gentleman's Facials | Who said men don't need pampering and care? A full facial designed to meet the special needs of male skin. This treatment leaves the skin clean, healthy, rejuvenated and relaxed.
75min ₦29500

Dermalogical Pro Facials | Enjoy 60mins of pure bliss with our result driven maintenance Facials. Excellent for all skin type such as, dry premature aging skin, oily blemished skin, dull lifeless skin and great for men’s skin.
1ht 15min ₦28000

Microdermabrasion Facials | A smooth approach to skin resurfacing that stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen. The result is reduced hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne and acne-related scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines, superficial scars and wrinkles. This is a 2 in 1 treatment (light facials+ Microdermabrasion) more glowing skin.
75min ₦35000

Cavier Gold Facials | This intensive treatment is designed to make you look and feel renewed. Great anti-aging, skin lifting and face radiance treatment. You will have a sun-kissed appearance right after the treatment
90min ₦75000

Pure Relaxation

Massage Therapy

Designed to renew and balance the mind, body and soul this supremely rejuvenating spa experience is truly transformational. Our beauty therapists will tailor the massage to meet your specific needs using a variety of massage techniques including swedish, myofascial, deep tissue and more. Essential oil can be added to enhance the treatment.   

Deep Tissue Massage | Our deep tissue massage involves the manipulation of the deep layers of muscle tissue to help relax and release pain. This is a more slower, intense and firmer massage.
60min ₦18000 | 45mins ₦15000

Aromatherapy Massage | Enhance your massage with essential oils used to calm and relax the body and mind. A relaxing treatment to relieve stress and revitalize the mind and body.
60min ₦18000 | 45mins ₦15000

Hot Stone Massage | Intensify the depth of your massage with our hot stone treatment. The heat from the polished heated stone are applied to various points along your body and adds healing warmth to troubled muscles.
60min 20000 | 30mins ₦10000

Pre-Natal Massage | This massage is done in the 2nd and 3rd trimester only. Helps increase circulation, relaxes tight sore muscles, and induces a surge of endorphins into your body which is good for mother and baby.
60min₦25000 | 45mins ₦20000

Happy Feet Massage | Enjoy our relaxing feet massage for tired feet that need extra pampering. Comes with a foot scrub, hot towel wrap and peppermint balm foot massage. Guaranteed to invigorate your tired feet.
30min 7500

Brighten and Revitalize Your Skin

Body Treatment

A body treatment at exfoliates, polishes and smooths the skin from shoulders to toe. Using the powerful healing properties of water, combined with advanced skin care technology leaves your skin softer and smoother than ever. Imagine it as a facial treatment on the body.

Ultimate Body Glow Treatment | This is our signature body treatment, a must for everyone. The skin is dry brushed, exfoliated with a scrub, steamed and later massaged with a customized oil. This leaves the skin replenished with essential nutrients, smooth, soft and pleasing to the eyes and touch.
90mins ₦35000

Cellulite Treatment | Remove the “orange peel” look on the body by breaks down cellulite to firm, tone and hydrate the appearance of the body. It combines exfoliation, G5 body toning treatment and a sophisticated massage for a smoothing firming and slimming effect.
60min 39900

Detoxifying Body Wrap | Awaken the senses from head to toe. We begin with a full-body dry exfoliation, followed by the application of the herbal wrap. As the cooling sensation sets in, you are wrapped in a warm blanket to retain body heat or a sauna.
75min 25000

Complexion Blending Treatment| This VIP treatment blends the complexion and gives you a beautiful radiant glow. We use a combination of natural brighteners with botanical extracts to bring the skin to complexion evenness. Please see a specialist for this procedure and pricing
75mins ₦35000

Hanakasumi |This a truly blissful treatment, inspired by the bathing rituals of Japanese people to ensure life’s stresses are cleansed away providing you with complete harmony and deep restoration. Treatment involves unique double body exfoliation combined with massaging of the body and feet, a complete ritual to replenish the body and mind.
90min ₦45000

Temporary and Safe


Wax is a temporary hair removal method. An easy and safe option to remove unwanted face and body hair! Waxing pulls hair from the root. This results in the skin remaining smooth from the period the follicle regenerates to when the regrown hair reaches the surface of the skin. Usually, this process lasts from three to four weeks depending on your unique hair growth.

We perform wax services on all body parts such as the face, back, arms, legs, chest, bikini, brazilian and underarm. We use safe & effective wax products that removes hair in a calm manner. Our beauty therapist have been trained to perform this service so it almost painless and extremely safe.

Face Waxing Price
Upper Lips ₦3500
Chin ₦3500
Neck ₦5000
Eyebrow ₦3500
Full Face ₦7000

Body Waxing Price
Bikini ₦7,000
Brazilian ₦10,000
Hollywood ₦15,000
Under Arm ₦6,500
Half Arm ₦7,500
Full Arm ₦9,500
Half Leg ₦9,000
Full Leg ₦12,000

Men's Waxing Price:
Under Arm ₦7,000
For Other parts, Call for Price

Pamper plus skin rejuvenation

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive or Unwanted hair has always been an issue for men and women and we have been trying to get rid of unwanted hair for centuries. It is estimated that more than eighty million people in the world have a problem with unwanted hair. At Priscilla’s Pride we provide different options but our Laser Hair Removal Procedure gets unwanted hair problem a thing of the past.

At Priscilla's Pride we use Cutera Lasers. Designed to be the most outstanding laser hair removal system on the market for all skin types, from light to dark, including tanned patients. Its unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling allow extremely effective, safe and permanent results

Click Here For Laser Questions

Pricing and Rates Per Session
Upper Lips ₦15,000
Chin Only ₦24,900
Chin Plus ₦29,900
Neck Only ₦24,900
Full Face ₦39,900

Underarm ₦39,900
Bikini ₦49,900

Brazillian ₦79,00

Eye Brow ₦15,000

Full Arm ₦69,900

Full Leg ₦120,900

Half Arm ₦59,900

Half Leg ₦79,900

Other Body Parts - Call for Price (08023454667)

Hands and Foot Treatments

Spa Mani & Pedi

Our Classic Manicure begins with a pre-cleansing soak to soften the cuticles. Cuticles are then carefully trimmed, nails are precisely shaped, buffed and polished to perfection! It’s the perfect touch of pampering to make your day complete.

Our spa pedicure is a beautiful cosmetic treatment for the legs, feet and toenails. It provides a similar service to a manicure.

Classic Spa Manicure
Treat areas such as the legs, arms, back or abdomen with area specific sources of goodness
Price: ₦4000

Classic Spa Pedicure
A classic full body, light-medium pressure Swedish massage specific sources of Price: N7000