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Tissue Repair Oil 1Oz


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This concentrated, nourishing multitasker is ideal alone, or as a revitalizing add-in to your favorite moisturizing cream.

 A few drops massaged daily into face, neck and décolleté will saturate skin with seabuckthorn lipids, wheat germ oil and dimethicone, known to fuel cell regeneration and improve skin texture. Also contains the newest occlusive, non-penetrating, non-comedogenic formula for trapping moisture. Normal and dry complexions only. 

Product Includes:

A sumptuous tissue repair oil that moisturizes and saturates the skin. 

The Benefits:

Expertly improves skin texture and moisture while swiftly regenerating cells. 

Skin Solutions:

Dry skin and uneven texture. 

Key Ingredients:

Seabuckthorn, caviar, carat, wheat germ oil.